Clinical Trials For Cardiovascular Diseases

At West Houston Heart Center, we are committed to assuring our patient’s treatment, from diagnosis to rehabilitation with meticulous care and precision. Along with being equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help our practice stay ahead of the curve, we are also committed to improving the health and quality of life of our patient and our communities by participating in the development of new drugs and finding out more about the ones currently on the market.

In our efforts to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology and deliver newly developed treatments with better outcomes and a faster recovery, we have proudly partnered with Biopharma Informatic LLC to provide our patients equivalent opportunity to be part of active clinical trials in Greater Houston Area. By participating in clinical research, our patients can access new and novel therapies which are not widely available on the market.

WHHC selects group of patients a chance to be part of ongoing studies in multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiology, at our facilities where we ensure that patients go through a thorough, informed consent process and understand all the benefits and risks of being part of a clinical trial. Dr. Naqvi, along with many other physicians who are part of the research team and our Physician Investigators who have vast experience in drug development, takes part in trials offered by many reputable industry sponsors:
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Our team of experts comprises of a highly experienced physician advisory board which counsels and guides our research department, and staff that is well trained and experienced in conducting clinical trials from screening, enrollment, retention and follow up to the end of the study in an efficient and effective manner. Subsequently, we contributed towards Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 clinical studies ranging from several weeks to several years, and by working together, we strive to characterize the etiology and natural history of rare and uncommon diseases that present the symptoms and risks associated with cardiovascular dysfunction.To find more about clinical research and how you can be part of drug development and discovery, enroll today!